Frequently Asked Questions

What is a County Development Plan?

The County Development Plan is a document that guides the future growth and development of the County. For detailed information on the contents of the SDCC Development Plan, please click the link here.

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What is the function of a County Development Plan?

A County Development Plan sets out a strategic framework for the proper planning and sustainable development of the administrative area of the local authority, over a six year period. The Plan must be consistent with longer term planning and sustainable development aims, including those set out in the National Planning Framework and Regional Spatial Economic Strategies in force.

A County Development Plan should also:

  • Set out a vision and core strategy for the development of the area to which the plan relates.
  • Give spatial expression to the population, economic, social, environmental and cultural aims of the County Development Strategy.
  • Be grounded in public and political consensus around the Plan’s strategic framework.
  • Provide a clear framework for public and private sector investment in infrastructure and in development in the area, having regard to both national and regional plans and policies.
  • Protect and enhance the amenities of the area.
  • Offer clear guidance to developers in framing development proposals and to the planning authority in assessing such proposals.
  • Establish a policy framework within which more detailed plans (such as local area plans or plans for architectural conservation areas) can be drawn up for specific parts of the planning authority’s area.
  • Be capable of implementation and monitoring.

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What areas does the County Development Plan cover?

Everything from population growth and the projected amount of land needed to house that population growth, to employment and economic development (including a retail strategy), parks and playgrounds, transport, tourism, natural resources, community development, telecommunications, culture, environment. Everything of note that happens in the county is covered by the County Development Plan framed in the context of Climate Change ensuring proper planning & sustainable development.

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Can I talk to someone about the Plan?

Certainly. The Plan Team are available on (01) 4149000 to discuss the County Development Plan.

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How do I make a submission or observation on the County Development Plan 2022?

A submission can be made online via 

or by post, addressed to:

Senior Executive Officer, Forward Planning Section, Land Use Planning and Transportation Department, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 A3EX

NOTE: Please make your submission by one medium only i.e. post/online. Email submissions will not be accepted. The final date for receipt of submissions is 4.00pm by post on Monday 28th September 2020 and 11.59pm on Monday 28th September 2020 online. Please note late submissions will not be considered.

This is the first period of consultation which will take place over a 2-year period. For more information on the overall timeline and dates for future consultation dates, please click the link here.

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Why should I make a submission?

During the two year process objectives and policies will be created which will seek to deliver an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the County.  These objectives and policies will shape the future growth of the County to 2028 and beyond.  This is Your County, Your Community and the decisions made will impact on your future for years to come.

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When can I make a submission in relation to the zoning of a particular parcel of land?

Submission relating to the zoning of a particular parcel of land will not be considered at this pre-draft stage. Such submissions or observations will be invited during the public consultation period for the Draft Plan (Stage 2). 

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I am looking for planning permission for my house. Is the County Development Plan the correct process for carrying this out?

The County Development Plan is a policy document document against which planning applications are assessed. individual planning applications are made outside the development plan process. 

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Where can I view the Issues Paper for the new South Dublin County Development Plan 2022-2028?

The Strategic Issues Consultation Booklet for the South Dublin County Development Plan 2022-2028 can be viewed online at: South Dublin Issues Paper 2022-2028

Copies of the Strategic Issues Consultation Booklet are available for viewing at the Public Planning Counter County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 A3EX, and various locations within the county including public libraries.

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If you have any queries in relation to the preparation of the County Development Plan, please get in touch via:

telephone at +353(1) 414 9000 or email at: