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Monitor and enforce waste regulation

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Monitor and enforce waste regulation

Lead Dept(s):Environment, Water, Climate Change
Indicators:Environmental Performance Assessment from EPA

Targets Impacted

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Local authorities are responsible for monitoring and enforcing waste regulations in their administrative boundary. In South Dublin our team of Waste Enforcement Officers work with and inspect businesses and communities across the county to ensure waste is managed and to prevent illegal dumping.

An annual inspection plan - Recommended Minimum Criteria for Environmental Inspections Plan (RMCEI)) - is submitted to the EPA annually. The plan details: • the framework of environmental inspection targets to be undertaken in order to achieve environmental priorities and outcomes during the coming year, and • identifies the inspections undertaken and the achievement of environmental priorities and outcomes in the previous year, by monitoring the performance against the targets.  

In 2021, 1046 inspections took place and 430 warning/ enforcement notices were issued. To date in 2022, Waste Enforcement officers had carried out 1737 inspections and issued 958 warning/enforcement notices.