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Introduce measures to reduce waste in Council buildings

  • Energy Efficiency

  • GHG Reduction

  • Resilience

  • Public Awareness

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Introduce measures to reduce waste in Council buildings

Lead Dept(s):Environment, Water and Climate Change; Architects
Indicators:10% reduction in waste in Council HQ building by 2021

Targets Impacted

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Preventing waste is at the top of the waste management hierarchy. Ahead of landfill, incineration or even recycling, reducing the amount of waste is vital.

South Dublin County Council is taking measures to reduce waste in our buildings. We work in partnership with contractors including waste contractors and canteen management to achieve these reductions.

We are actively working to eliminate single use plastics such as straws, cups, cutlery, balloons etc at County Council supported events as well as in our offices. We have introduced a deposit and return cup scheme at our coffee dock in County Hall.