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Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower Meadows

South Dublin County Council manages approximately 1,500 hectares of parkland and open spaces and uses these areas to protect the plant and wildlife that live there.

The Council signed up as a partner to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan in 2019 and subsequently published our own Pollinator Action Plan and Biodiversity Action Plan.

Last year we implemented a reduced mowing regime – changing from fortnightly mowing to mowing once or twice a year on a seasonal basis. This reduced level of grass cutting allows wildflowers to flower and set seed, providing additional opportunities for pollinating insects, which are currently challenged by landscape change of use, habitat loss and chemical usage.

In 2018, South Dublin County Council began formally mapping and identifying wildflowers meadow locations to support pollinators on public land. We believe that as landscape managers, wildflowers meadows should be managed in a formal way. Public Realm staff and the Heritage Officer visited each site to identify any potential botanical and pollinator value. After the 2018/2019 assessment, the council had 90 hectares of natural meadows in parks and open spaces, this has increased to 139 hectares in 2021.

In the past we have worked with various local community groups, residents’ associations and schools to help raise awareness of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, identifying the small actions they can take to make their local area more pollinator friendly. Local citizens in general support the initiative and requests have been received for further areas to be managed for pollinators.

Check out the following video to find out more on the South Dublin County Council Pollinator Action Plan.