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Create 'Stop Food Waste' campaign for businesses and schools

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Create 'Stop Food Waste' campaign for businesses and schools

Lead Dept(s):Environment, Water and Climate Change
Indicators:Campaign developed and implemented, # of people, businesses and schools engaged

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Stop Food Waste is a programme funded under the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP). The EPA set out to promote food waste prevention and home composting, considering the significant environmental and social issues arising from the disposal of food waste, and the realisation of the costs associated with this.

The programme works with householders, communities, schools, local authorities, Tidy Towns groups and businesses, providing comprehensive information about the food we waste and how it can be prevented. As there will always be some unavoidable food waste, the programme also provides training and information on home composting.

Working with the Stop Food Waste Programme, South Dublin County Council runs regular campaigns to highlight food waste as a climate issue. These include: - National Food Waste Day (1st March 2022) - Online Summer Food Waste Campaign with Irish TV chef, food writer and author, Catherine Fulvio. - EPA’s “Make Fresh Food Last Longer" campaign across our social media platforms.