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River Camac Flood Alleviation Scheme

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River Camac Flood Alleviation Scheme

Lead Dept(s):Environment, Water and Climate Change
Indicators:Project Completed

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South Dublin County Council is working with Dublin City Council, in partnership with the Office of Public Works, to deliver the Camac Flood Alleviation Scheme.

Stage 1 - preliminary design and initial surveys - of the Camac Flood Alleviation scheme, including environmental, topographical, threshold and CCTV surveys of culverts have been completed. This is along with a Hydromorphic Assessment of the River. The main works currently being carried out involve the building of the Hydraulic Model and the production of flood maps. Once these maps have been produced, this will then be followed by the development of flood defence options for the scheme.

Check www.camacfas.ie for more information.