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Transfer to another Council dwelling
If you are a Tenant of the Council and need to move from your current home you can apply for a transfer to alternative accommodation with South Dublin County Council. Transfers are facilitated in accordance with the Council’s Allocation SchemeEligible applicants are placed on the Council’s Transfer List.

The Council also facilitates Mutual Transfers where two tenants apply to swap dwellings. This tends to be a quicker process than being placed on the Transfer List and can be approved once the following criteria is met:-

  • A minimum of two years living in your current home.
  • A clear rent account.
  • Complied with the terms of your tenancy.
  • Kept the dwelling in a satisfactory condition, an inspection will be carried out.

Am I eligible to apply for a transfer?
To be eligible for the transfer list, an application will only be accepted on the basis of the below criteria:-

  1. Exceptional medical/compassionate grounds (Regard to be had for report from Council's Medical Advisors/Housing Welfare Officers as appropriate)
  2. On grounds of anti-social behaviour where a Garda Superintendent has stated that there is a risk to personal safety
  3. Older Persons (aged 55 or over) downsizing accommodation
  4. Tenants downsizing to the specific unit size of accommodation that matches their need
  5. Overcrowding
  6. Tenants other than those in categories (c) and (d) above downsizing accommodation to make better use of housing stock.

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How Can I apply for a Mutual Transfer?
A mutual transfer can be arranged between South Dublin tenants or tenants of another Local Authority or Voluntary Body as long as both Authorities are agreeable

Criteria for both parties as follows:

  • Clear rent accounts.
  • Compliance with the terms of the tenancy during existing tenancy.
  • Acceptance of both parties to occupy dwellings in existing condition
  • The accommodation involved must suit the needs of both sets of applicants i.e. if one tenant has a boy and a girl or 3 children then they must be transferring into a 3 bed unit.

Tenant’s find a suitable swap themselves. Both Tenants complete the application form and submit it to the Council for approval.

South Dublin County Council maintains a register of tenants who are interested in a mutual transfer. If you want to be included on the mutual transfer register please complete the relevant section on the Transfer Application form.

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How do I change the names on the tenancy - Transfer of Tenancy?

A transfer of tenancy is the process whereby a name is either removed from, added to or changed on a tenancy. This can occur as result of a number of difference scenarios such as a marriage, death or legal separation. For a transfer of tenancy application to proceed, the form must be completed and submitted along with the relevant documents and the applicant must have a clear rent account and no charges. Persons wishing to be included on a Tenancy must have been included on the Rent Account for two consecutive years prior to the application. Application forms.

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