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How to Apply For Council Housing
Housing Allocations Section deals with the provision of housing to people who have been assessed under the Council’s Allocation Scheme and are deemed eligible for social housing support.  Eligible applicants are placed on the Council’s Housing List in order of date of application and progress on a ‘Time on List’ basis i.e. the next applicant on the list is allocated the next available house.  Social Housing support means Council owned, RAS, Leased and Voluntary Housing Association dwellings.

In order to apply for housing you should bring a fully completed application form and relevant documentation (see below) to the Council’s Customer Care Counters in either Tallaght or Clondalkin as posted applications are frequently not completed correctly and have to be returned. Your application will be checked and forwarded on to Allocations Section. 
It is very important that you bring your form and documents with you.

Am I eligible for Council Housing?
Criteria for eligibility for Council housing are included in the Council's Allocation Scheme

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Need-You must be in genuine need of housing and be unable to provide accommodation from your own resources
  • Right to live in Ireland-You must have a legal right to remain in the State on a long term basis
  • Age-You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Income – your net income must be below the thresholds below:-

Single Adult

2 Adults
No Children

1 Adult
1 Child

1 Adult
2 Children

2 Adults
1 Child

2 Adults 
2 Children

2 adults
3 children

2 adults   
4 or more children

3 adults     
4 or more children










Housing Areas
You may apply to one Local Authority only. If you are applying to South Dublin County Council you can choose up to three housing areas in the Dublin region, at least one of which must be in South Dublin.

Your other two areas may be in Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County or Fingal County. If you opt for an area in any other county, we will forward your information to the housing authorities chosen. South Dublin County Council will be the manager of your application.  Changes of areas of choice may be made once in any twelve month period by completing Area Of Choice Form.

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How long will it take before I get offered housing?
Unfortunately this cannot be determined.  There is a long list of applicants awaiting social housing support and applicants are housed in order of date of application i.e. the next applicant on the list gets the next available and appropriate social housing support.

What happens if I refuse an offer of housing?
Should you refuse two offers of housing within a twelve month period your application will be suspended for twelve months. Your application will be re-activated after this period however this suspension will not count as time on the housing list.  You will not be on the Council’s Housing List for the suspension period and will not have access to Choice Based Letting or eligible for any social housing support. Your entitlement to Supplementary Rent Allowance may also be affected .

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How can I change information on my application?                                                                                              
Any change in your application must be notified to the Council on specified forms which are available below.  Changes include -

Change of address

Adding a child

Adding a partner

Change of income

Removing a member of the household                                                                                                                               

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