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Regular maintenance of regional and local roads

  • Energy Efficiency

  • GHG Reduction

  • Resilience

  • Public Awareness

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Regular maintenance of regional and local roads

Lead Dept(s):Environment, Water and Climate Change
Indicators:# of complaints regarding obstructions, blocked gullies, etc.

Targets Impacted

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South Dublin County Council are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of 144km of regional and 785km of local roads. Each month, 890km of roadway are swept and 4,000 gullies are cleaned by South Dublin County Council.

A clean and well-maintained road network helps to present South Dublin at its best to our citizens and visitors. Ensuring that rubbish and other debris such as leaves and grit are removed from the pavement, contribute to road safety by removing hazards and reducing the risk of localised flooding.

Our roads, gullies and associated drainage system are valuable assets. Keeping them clear of debris and well maintained helps to prolong the life of our road transport network and significantly reduces the need for interim repairs.