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In the Community

Supporting Nature in the Community

Community groups in South Dublin play an important role in maintaining and improving our county. Tidy towns, community groups and residents' associations volunteer their time to carry out clean ups and maintain areas by planting and painting.

South Dublin County Council supports these groups through a number of initiatives:

  • Tidy Towns Groups are supported through an annual grant. For more information on Tidy Towns visit the Tidy Towns website at
  • The Social Credits Scheme is open to all groups and individuals who take who take ownership of their environment and improve their local area by carrying out pro-environmental actions such as community clean-ups, graffiti removal, weeding of footpaths etc. Visit the dedicated webpage at

Not Too Neat and Tidy

The changing climate means that all life on earth is at risk. It is important that we protect all plants and animals where we can and that we work with nature to encourage those at risk. Where tidy towns/community groups traditionally kept their local area tidy by regular mowing or added colour by planting annuals they are now encouraged to leave space to go wild.

Think about what you are planting – while annuals provide a splash of colour, they are not always attractive to pollinators.

Record Sightings

Volunteers working with their local Tidy Towns groups often see plants and animals while doing clean ups and other work that the rest of us might miss. Sightings can be reported to the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The centre works to make biodiversity data and information more freely available in order to better understand and assist the protection of Ireland’s biodiversity. Sightings can be submitted at their Citizen Science Portal.

Engaging in Water Quality

Community action is also a route into having a closer relationship with our water. Engagement with citizens and community groups forms a key part of the work of the Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO). This supports LAWPRO’s work concerning improving water quality and protecting local waterbodies, with LAWPRO’s Community Water Officers as contact points for local communities. 

Each year, LAWPRO also administer the Community Water Development Fund. The fund distributes grants to communities, eNGOs, networks and clubs to deliver local water, biodiversity, and climate action initiatives. More information on LAWPRO’s work can be found at