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Clondalkin Community Climate Action Survey

The National Climate Action Plan 2023 (CAP 23) requires every Local Authority to establish a Decarbonising Zone (DZ) in their administrative area. Clondalkin has been chosen by South Dublin County Council as our Decarbonising Zone and we aim to cut emissions in the area by 51% by 2030.

What is the Decarbonising Zone or DZ?

A DZ is an area that has been identified by a Local Authority as a key area for climate action. For example, South Dublin County Council has chosen Clondalkin.

 In the DZ, a number of creative solutions will be provided to respond to local low carbon energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate needs. This will contribute to national climate action targets.

 What do we mean by "Decarbonising"?

Decarbonising is completely removing "carbon dioxide" that is produced by people when they use energy. This will be done by removing fossil fuels from electricity, heat, and transport in the Decarbonising Zone (DZ).

 Developing a Plan for the Clondalkin DZ

South Dublin County Council is currently working with Codema to develop the DZ Implementation Plan. A community team, composed of local stakeholders, is being set up to help with the development of a DZ plan. The success of the initiative requires the whole community, and everyone will need to play a part in this exciting project.

Extensive stakeholder engagement will take place over summer 2024. The plan that is developed through this engagement process has the potential to impact how we go about our everyday lives. For example, how we heat our homes and how safe and clean our area will become in the future.   


To help us get a better picture of the Clondalkin Decarbonising Zone, we want to hear from community members living, working, studying or travelling around Clondalkin. 

 We want to know how you use energy and travel around your area, as well as uncover the challenges and opportunities you face when it comes to improving Clondalkin and reducing your carbon footprint.

 What climate action do you already take and what would you like to see in Clondalkin?

 Please click this link to access the survey and be in with a chance to win a €50 voucher.