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Pollinator-Friendly Management of Sports Clubs

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan has developed a guideline for the pollinator-friendly management of sports clubs.

Sports clubs in South Dublin can play a vital role in conservation of our biodiversity if managed in a pollinator-friendly way. Introducing pollinator-friendly management across clubs would create an entire network of safe places for bees and other insects across the landscape. The positive impact this could have would be enormous.

The guide is aimed at those who have responsibility for managing sports clubs and their surroundings. It explains five main ways to help pollinators. All actions are evidence-based, in other words, scientific studies show that these actions have a positive impact on pollinators. Pollinators need food, shelter, and safety and many of the actions to help provide this are very simple, cost-effective, and often free. 

View the guideline for the pollinator-friendly management of sports clubs here

South Dublin County Council are focused on pollinator friendly management of our land and in September won the prestigious 2022 / 2023 Pollinator Award for the Best Town Park in Ireland as part of the Green Flag scheme. To find out more about what South Dublin County Council are doing to help pollinators, view our Spotlight here.