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Did You Know We Have A Climate Change Newsletter?

Did you know South Dublin County Council publish a climate change newsletter? Our newsletter aims to keep the citizens of the county informed on progress being made in delivering the actions of the Climate Change Action Plan. To sign up to receive each new edition email Read all editions below.

Climate Change Newsletter Energy Edition – Our first edition relates to Energy. The aim of the newsletter is to keep you up to date on what your council is doing to tackle climate change.

Climate Change Newsletter Transport Edition - The transport sector is a significant contributor to climate change, accounting for 19.8% of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2017. Air pollution as a result of traffic and congestion in the county is also a significant concern.

Climate Change Newsletter Flood Resilience Edition - South Dublin County Council is working with a range of stakeholders to deliver flood alleviation schemes on the Poddle, Whitechurch and Camac are in various stages of development and once completed they will protect hundreds of homes.

Climate Change Newsletter Nature Based Solutions Edition - Nature-based solutions are critical in climate change adaptation and mitigation; they can play an important role not only for biodiversity and ecosystems, flood prevention and carbon sequestration, but also in temperature regulation, erosion prevention, and filtering pollutants from the air and water.

Climate Change Newsletter Resource Management Edition - The most recent waste report from the Environmental Protection Agency found that in 2020 waste generated in Ireland increased to 16.2 million tonnes (3.25 tonnes per person).

Climate Change Newsletter Energy Saving Edition – This edition aims to help you understand the impact of your energy use. It will also identify low/no cost options that will help with both the cost of living and climate crises, as well as higher cost actions that pay you back over time.