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Street running

What is Active South Dublin

The positive impact of regular participation in sport and physical activity is far reaching and cross cutting. This is why it is consistently referenced and prioritised across major government policies and strategies.

‘Active South Dublin’ reflects the ambition to significantly increase the number of people in South Dublin that lead active, healthy lifestyles throughout their life course.

Whether its exercise and fitness, volunteering, and coaching, playing team sports, walking, dancing and cycling our aim is to support and develop activity in South Dublin County by bringing together partners across the community, voluntary and statutory sectors with residents, clubs, schools, leisure facility providers and others to develop a locally led approach to improving participating in physical activity, recreation and sport.

Our Mission: Active and Healthy Lifestyles for all in South Dublin is guided by our framework which focuses on four key areas.

  • Active Spaces and Places
  • Active Communities and Clubs
  • Active Partnerships and System
  • Active Communications

Another important component is the union of South Dublin Co. Sports Partnership and South Dublin Co. Co. sports office into one under Active South Dublin.