Dublin wide Couch to 3k programme coming soon

19 Jun 20

To celebrate Sport Ireland’s upcoming BeActive Day (28 June) the four Dublin City and County Councils and the network of four Dublin Local Sports Partnerships are coming together to provide a free, six week, Couch to 3k programme for adults starting the week of Monday 29 June.

Whether you have never jogged before or if you just want to get more active, Couch to 3K is an easy way of getting more energy and feeling healthier. This programme is for everyone, male and female, who would like to get from walking to jogging, but might be a little unsure on how to get started. The programme works because it is not just focused on running, it starts with a mix of walking and jogging to gradually build up your fitness and stamina. It is aimed at beginners and based on your time and ability to participate.

People can get further information and sign up, for free, through the Eventbrite page

You will then be contacted by email each week and will be sent the training plan with warm up / cool down exercises and tips. A Facebook group for participants to share their experiences, tips etc. will also be available. Participants will also receive a medal on completing the programme.

Please note, anyone interested in getting involved in the programme who has any concerns about their health should contact their GP before starting this programme.


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