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Jobot's Access All Areas

Jobot’s Access All Areas

South Dublin County Council continues its commitment to improving access and service provision to disabled people in our County “Enabling Access – Ensuring Equality of Opportunity”, with the Jobot’s Access All Areas accessibility awareness game.

JOBOT is going to visit a Heritage building today. He’s on a job to do some improvement work and needs your help to make sure the main areas are accessible to everybody – himself included – he’s a short little robot with a boxy frame who gets around on tank-like wheels.

As Jobot encounters the entrance to the heritage building; the reception area, the public toilet facilities and the kitchen, Jobot discovers that getting around on his tank-like wheels is no easy matter. He needs to get inside and wants your help to select the best way to provide accessible facilities for everyone.

Created in a modern, funky style, the game highlights features that ensure equal access to facilities for a wide variety of users with varying abilities. From accessible parking spaces, automated gates, Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFILs) at public desks, to adaptable kitchens and Braille and tactile signage. The four locations of park, reception, toilet and kitchen each provide the user with four points of interactivity to explore solutions to common accessibility problems. 

Jobot hosts the game (mostly through voice over) and his boxy, wheel-using form is a visual representation of only one type of impairment experienced by disabled people. Through an introduction and voice over from Jobot, the game:

  • encourages users to consider the practical difficulties faced by many people with different access needs;
  • educates users about the simple solutions available; and
  • encourage users to understand how these solutions can benefit their own environments.

South Dublin County Council continue to implement the provisions of the Disability Act 2005 by creating an enabling environment underpinned by the principle of universal access. We look forward to continued work, in co-operation with our citizens, customers and the many agencies working in the County, to achieve our vision of achieving equality of opportunity and equality of outcome for disabled people in South Dublin County, and removing the barriers that create disability and exclusion.

To play ‘Jobot’s Access All Areas’, please click here

The game is available in multiple formats. Content has been provided as accessible text documents, and the game screen includes closed captions. This approach of offering the content in various formats is in line with National Disability Authority guidelines for delivery of multimedia content.