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South Dublin County Development Plan 2022 - 2028 

The first County Development Plan review webinar will be held this Thursday at 11am. Click to tune into the live event where a panel discussion will take place on the challenges and opportunities facing the County over the next plan period. This will be the first live webinar with a second webinar scheduled for the 16th of September at 7pm. The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the key issues facing the County in order to stir the thought processes and inform your submission to the plan. Join the conversation by using the QnA facility as part of the live webinar to engage in this process and with the discussion panel.

The County of South Dublin needs a future vision and plan for its growing communities, places, housing, jobs, sustainable transport and the delivery of services.

The South Dublin County Development Plan 2022-2028 will set out the land use framework to guide future development with a focus on the places we live, the places we work, and how we interact and move between these places while protecting our environment.

The policies and objectives in the next Development Plan will be important to all of us who live, work, visit and do business in South Dublin. We urge you to make your views known so that you can help shape your County. Visit The Development Plan website for more details. 

Draft Biodiversity Action Plan for South Dublin County 2020-2026

The Draft Biodiversity Action Plan presents a background to the diversity of nature in the County and to the challenges that face biodiversity and the County in a time of change. The document outlines a series of objectives and actions that aim to achieve the protection and enhancement of the County’s biodiversity, while aiming to ensure that the County’s residents, businesses and visitors continue to enjoy and benefit from the many services that nature provides.

The Draft Biodiversity Action Plan, ‘Connecting with Nature’, is presented for public consultation until Monday 10th August 2020 and submissions can be made at

As part of the consultation, SDCC hosted two online live information sessions on:  

  • Tuesday 28th July 6.30 pm
  • Thursday 30th July 8.30pm

At these Live Events, SDCC presented on the content of the Plan and facilitated a live Q&A session. The content of the presentation is available in the video below.

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