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Citizen's Panel

Citizens' Panel


South Dublin County Citizens' Panel

Are you interested in becoming part of the South Dublin County Citizens' Panel?

We want residents of the County to regularly share their views and ideas on a wide range of issues, and we want to reflect the population in age, ethnicity, gender, location and other demographics.

The Citizens' Panel will be made up of local residents from across South Dublin County who have agreed to give their views on a number of consultation topics throughout the year. Panel members share their views by completing surveys and occasionally taking part in other activities like focus groups, workshops, or forums.

Why We Are Consulting

The Citizens’ Panel will be a predominantly online group who regularly share their views on a wide range of issues to let the Council know how to improve services and make the County an even better place to live. The panel is an alternate way for the Council to engage with the public outside of formal consultations and to gather opinions that try to reflect the views of the range of communities living in South Dublin County.

If you become a panellist, you will be invited several times a year to take part in activities such as:

  • telling us what you think about services the Council provides and issues affecting where you live. For example: filling in a survey on the quality of parks within the County or the provision of cycling infrastructure
  • taking part in research to help the Council do things better. For example: sharing your thoughts on how best the Council can reach audiences online or how we can provide better facilities for teenagers

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