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Climate Change

Climate Change

Following the introduction of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Act 2015, South Dublin County Council’s first citizen, Mayor Guss O’Connell, joined the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, who share a common vision that drives our actions to tackle intersected climate change challenges. The three pillars of the covenant include mitigation, adaptation and secure, sustainable and affordable energy.

Mitigation to climate change tasks local government to make efforts to reduce or prevent emission of greenhouse gases, this can be achieved through improved energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energy sources.

Adaptation to climate change and the successful implementation of adaptation policy, is a task that involves all levels of government from local to European levels. At local level, our task is to focus on the implementation of adaptation responses. Strengthening our capacity to adapt to unavoidable climate change impacts by making our county more resilient to extreme weather events.

Secure, sustainable and affordable energy can be achieved through increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

South Dublin County Council on instruction from its Environment Strategic Policy Committee, aligned with the three other Dublin Local Authorities and Codema are working together to meet our collective and individual obligations under the legislation to tackle Climate Change.

A non-statutory public consultation was held for the document ‘A Draft Strategy Towards Climate Change Action Plans for Dublin Local Authorities’. This process ran from the 20 September until the 17 October 2016, and 32 submissions were received in total.

The Environment SPC proposed the adoption of ‘A Strategy Towards Climate Change Action Plans for Dublin Local Authorities’, which was adopted at the Council Meeting in February 2017.

Further information regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation can be found on the following websites:


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