River Poddle Flood Alleviation Scheme update

08 Jul 24

River Poddle Flood Alleviation Scheme - Path Closures and Re-Openings in Tymon Park

To accommodate the upcoming works on the Integrated Constructed Wetland in Tymon Park, there will be further pedestrian restrictions put in place, with the pedestrian areas on the Northside of the river between the lakes and the Osprey Bridge to close over the next coming days. The area to be closed off is shown below in Red. This will essentially mean that restrictions will be in place on the pedestrian routes along the Limekiln Rd side of the park from the Limekiln Road Car Park to the kissing gate at the Riverview ETNS.


The kissing gate located on Limekiln Rd across for the Riverview ETNS will remain open at all times for access to the Osprey bridge but access to the park from this kissing gate will now have to be made through the Kennington Gate via Osprey Drive. It is scheduled that this area of the park will remain closed until at least November.


To ease the access restrictions we are pleased to inform that the footpath from the Tymon Park Limekiln Rd Car Park to the western side of the lakes has now fully re-opened 8 weeks ahead of schedule. This is shown below in Blue.




We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience as the works are progressing.