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End-of-Life Vehicles

The European Union (End of Life Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (SI No 281 of 2014) came into effect on 30 July 2014. The Waste Management (End of Life Vehicles) Regulations were introduced in Ireland in 2006. These regulations ensure that when a car is scrapped, as much material as possible is recovered and recycled. This takes place in a way that does not harm the environment

What is an End of Life Vehicle (ELV)?

Typically, an end-of-life vehicle will be an intact passenger car or a light commercial van that the registered owner wishes to dispose of as waste.

Producer Responsibility

The Regulations require producers (i.e. importers and manufacturers of vehicles) to nominate free take-back centres to be known as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) where the public can bring an end-of-life vehicle for final treatment. The public are obliged to use these facilities to dispose of their vehicles. The vehicles are depolluted and dismantled in a manner that avoids environmental pollution and the steel, plastic, glass, tyres etc. are recovered for recycling or re-use. Please click on the links below for the form you require.

Registration Application Form

Application Form for Renewal of Registration

From the 1st January 2007 onwards owners and operators of ATF’s must issue a certificate of destruction to the registered owner of the ELV.

End-of-Life Vehicles in South Dublin County Council

All Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) in South Dublin County area must operate under the conditions of a waste facility permit issued by the Council. If you have an ELV that you need to dispose of, please contact the car manufacturer to find out the location of their designated ATF.

Further information on these regulations is available from our Environmental Enforcement Section 
on (01) 4149000

The following is a list of Authorised Treatment Facilities In South Dublin:


Permit No.


1. WFP-DS-09-0001-03

Westlink Recovery Services Ltd


Red Cow, Naas Road


Dublin 22




Exp Nov 2019



2. WFP-DS-09-0004-03

Duffy Bros. Salvage Ltd


Longmile Road


Walkinstown, Dublin 12


01-460 4655


Exp Aug 2019



3. WFP-DS-11-0012-02

Motor Rescue Direct T/a Irish Towing Services


Turnpike Road


Ballymount Industrial Estate, Dublin 22


01-429 8482


Exp Oct 2017



4. WFP-DS-11-0013-02

Marie Cullen T/a Greenhills Motor Spares


Mountainview, Greenhills Road


Walkinstown, Dublin 12


01-450 0003


Exp Feb 2017



5. WFP-DS-12-0005-02

Cullen Car Parts


Greenhills Road


Walkinstown, Dublin 12


Ph: 01-4500172


Exp Dec 2017




OCM Motors Ltd


Unit 5C Second Avenue


Cookstown Industrial Estate


Tallaght Dublin 24


Ph: 01 4524422


Exp Nov 2020




The Hammond Lane Metal Company Ltd.


Crag Avenue




Dublin 22


Ph: 01-4576852


Exp Feb 2020




MBG Motors Limited t/a German Auto Components


Units 5 & 6 Craftmasters Complex


Greenhills Industrial Estate


Walkinstown, Dublin 12


Ph: 01-4264444


Exp Jan 2020


When you drop off an end-of-life vehicle for destruction at an authorised treatment facility, you are obliged to hand over the vehicle registration document to the ATF. The ATF will then issue you with a copy of the certificate of destruction confirming that the vehicle will be destroyed. The ATF then retains the vehicle registration document and a copy of the certificate of destruction at the facility for a period of 7years, and notifies the Department of Transport that the vehicle has been destroyed. If you are having your end-of-life vehicle collected by a haulier working on behalf of the ATF, surrender the vehicle registration document to the driver and ensure that you receive the copy of the certificate of destruction. Please be sure that the haulier can show you a valid waste collection permit that allows them to collect end-of-life vehicles. If you suspect that they do not have a valid waste collection permit, take their vehicle registration details and report them to the Waste Enforcement Section on 01-4149000.

Vehicles collected illegally often end up dumped or burnt out and are not safely disposed of.

Handing over your waste to an unauthorised collector is against the law. A person who is caught doing so is liable to be prosecuted under Section 32 of the Waste Management Act and may be fined up to €3,000 or imprisoned for up to 12 months.