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The Sports Office deliver programmes to target groups within specific communities and the general public across the county. The sports office strives to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our ever changing communities whilst filling gaps in the provision of services as they arise. We are conscious that programmes we deliver promote sports development, recreational opportunities, increase physical activity levels, promote the importance of play and encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Programmes are developed through discussion with our colleagues and the review of national trends and research published. Programmes and ideas are then tailored to the needs of the residents of South Dublin in a bid to tackle the levels of obesity and inactivity in specific target groups. We promote sport & health enhancing physical activity programmes through the life cycle approach as we cater for pre-school children, primary and secondary schools students, families and older adults throughout the county.  The themes of Disability, Community, School’s/College Programme, Social Inclusion and Club Development of the Sport Development officers would also be common in programmes delivered through the Sports Office.

South Dublin Sport & Recreation Sports Officers

Contact 01 4149270

Alison Casserly
086 8516669

Paula Swayne
086 8292443

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