South Dublin County Council

Social Credits System

Get involved in your community  and gain social credits!

The Social Credit's system rewards community groups who take ownership of their local area by undertaking projects which benefit the community. Popular projects include:

Community cleanups

  • Community planting and community gardens
  • Graffiti removal
  • Weeding of footpaths
  • Green Dog Walkers

The scheme is open to all community groups in South Dublin County Council's area including:

  • Environmental groups
  • Primary and post primary schools
  • Resident's associations
  • Volunteer groups
  • Youth groups

Benefits of the Social Credit's system to your Community:

  • Practical assistance to community groups
  • Advice from departmental staff
  • A reward for completing an action
  • Increases local pride and ownership of your local area
  • Empowers groups to create cleaner, greener and safer communities

Groups interested in the Social Credit's system must apply in advance of any works being undertaken listing the work they intend to do and the reward they would like to receive.

The rewards are based on access to South Dublin County Council's services and facilities.*


*All activities using the Social Credit Scheme must be carried out in accordance with the civil and criminal law and relevant statutes, regulations and bye-laws. The onus of obtaining all licences, consents, permissions, compliances etc. including consent to enter on, or interference with, land, other property or of affecting or interfering with the right of any other person rests on the Social Credit Scheme applicant(s). South Dublin County Council is not liable to any person, or corporate or incorporate entity, for any injury, loss or damage or consequential loss no matter how proximate, whether directly or indirectly, or howsoever, caused or arising, as a result of any provision of supports by the Social Credit Scheme. Participants are engaging in a voluntary capacity and assume any risk of doing so. All applicants must take appropriate professional advice in relation to legal liability and insurance issues and where necessary ensure that appropriate public liability insurance is in place.

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