South Dublin County Council

Paying your Rent

For help or advice on any of these matters, please contact: Telephone: 4149000 Tallaght

How do I pay my rent?

Payment methods:

My family income circumstances have changed, what will happen to my rent?
You must submit your relevant documentation immediately, so your rent can be adjusted e.g. copy of payslip or social welfare payment. Your rent will change only from the date the documentation is received.

I want to include someone on my rent who is living in my home. How do I notify the Council?
You must apply in writing for permission, and then fill out the following form: Inclusion on Rent form

I am having trouble paying my rent, what can I do?
You must contact the Rents section immediately, and you can make an arrangement to pay off any arrears on a weekly basis over a reasonable period.

You could also contact Money Advise Budgeting Service for free advise on managing your budget.
They may be contacted on 0761 07 2370 (Tallaght) or 0761 07 2270 (Clondalkin). 
The National Helpline number is 0761 07 2000, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

See related documents below for application forms.

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