South Dublin County Council

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs to your Council Home

If you are a tenant in a South Dublin County Council home on which you pay rent you are responsible for repairs of a non-structural nature. Here is a list of tenant responsibilities (subject to the terms of your Tenancy Agreement).

For advise on the following:-

If you have an emergency after 5 pm or at the weekend ring the Out of Hours Service No: (01) 4574907

Note: Tenants who are in Rent Arrears will only have urgent or emergency repairs carried out to their home. 

If your rent account is in arrears, please contact rents at (01) 4149362 or email:

Maintenance requests are categorised as follows:
Emergency 1 – 5 working days Smoking Fuse Board
Urgent 10 working days Leak under sink unit
Routine 12 weeks + Replace toilet cistern
Cyclical 1 – 7 years Leaking gutters, replacement hall door etc.

There is limited scope for houses in the estates of Cushlawn Tallaght and Shancastle Greenfort Clondalkin to be refurbished.

Installation of Budget energy meters/pre paid power facilities

All tenants should note that in accordance with the tenancy agreement written application must be made to the Council for permission to have the above type or any meter change made.
All energy suppliers require proof of written confirmation from ourselves which will be granted once a completed application form is received and a check for suitability carried out.
Copies of the application are available at our Customer Care counters in Tallaght or Clondalkin or a copy may be downloaded here

If you wish to carry out any alterations to your home, you must apply for permission to Maintenance Section at 4149000 or