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Water Services

South Dublin County Council receives 68.5ML/day of treated water from Dublin City Council's water treatment facility at Ballymore Eustace and approximately 1.5ML/day from Fingal County Council's water treatment plant at Leixlip. This water is distributed throughout the County via 1,450km of water mains and our main storage reservoirs at Belgard, Peamount, Kiltalown, and Saggart. The water is distributed to over 86,500 households and over 5,400 metered commercial customers. South Dublin has 1 No. public water supply from a borehole in Brittas which supplies approximately 120m/3 per day.

The quality of water is monitored and analysed regularly and complies with all the requirements of the European Communities (Drinking Water) (No. 2) Regulations 2007. 4,213 tests were carried out on the water in 2012 and 99. 8% of samples were in compliance, which is above the national average as reported by the EPA.

The Water Section provides a key support to developers, other Council Departments and outside agencies through the implementation of the Council's Specifications for the Laying of Water Mains and Drinking Water Supply, the Council's Water Bye-Laws 2004 and the Water Services Act 2007.

New Water Supply Applications

Connection to Water Supply
Connection to Surface Water
Connection to Foul Drainage

Water Specification and Bye-laws

The SDCC Water Section Specification for the Laying of Water Mains and Drinking Water sets out the standards for development works involving or affecting water mains. Full compliance with the standards and specifications contained therein must be demonstrated prior to any application for connection to the water supply.

South Dublin County Council has bye-laws for the management of water services and the conservation of drinking water . These bye-laws came into force in 2005 and set out a variety of requirements with respect to consumers’ use of water.

Standpipe Licence

South Dublin County Council Water Bye-laws 2004, Section 4.1.8, stipulates that ‘a standpipe licence shall be obtained from the Council prior to access, use or draw-off from a fire hydrant. Any person requiring a licence shall complete the appropriate application form and pay to the Council the licence fee of such amount as the Council considers reasonable and comply with the conditions specified in the licence’. Click here for more information and application form.

Holders of standpipe licences and vehicle operators must at all times prevent the wastage of water. It is the policy of the Council to take action where the unauthorised taking or wastage of water occurs.

Drinking Water Quality

On 12th June 2007 the European Communities (Drinking Water) (No. 2) Regulations 2007, (S.I. No. 278 of 2007)came into operation as the primary legislation covering drinking water in Ireland. These regulations prescribe quality standards to be applied, and related supervision and enforcement procedures in relation to supplies of drinking water, including requirements as to sampling frequency, methods of analysis, the provision of information to consumers and related matters.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the regulatory body charged with monitoring and reporting on compliance levels for water quality in Ireland. The Epa reports annually on the provision and quality of drinking water in Ireland and publishes updates of it's remedial action list for water supplies. Reports are published on the EPA website.

Private Water Supplies

County and City Councils are required by the European Communities (Drinking Water) (No.2) Regulations 2007 to provide owners and users of unregulated private water supplies with information about the risks of contamination and advice about what they can do to protect their supplies and keep them safe. A leaflet is available to provide this information.


Trade Effluent Discharge Application:


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