South Dublin County Council

Green Dog Walkers Application

Become a Green Dog Walker®

The Green Dog Walkers Programme is a new initiative in the fight against dog litter. The programme is a positive, friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling. To receive your free Green Dog Walker® promotional materials please complete the application from below. For more information go to the Social Credits Website.

The Green Dog Walkers® Pledge
I herby volunteer to accept the Green Dog Walkers® promotional material and pledge to take part in the campaign as follows:

  1. I will carry the GDW promotional material as often as possible when walking my dog(s).
  2. I will at all times clean up after my dog and dispose of the bag in a bin.
  3. When others walk my dog I will encourage them to clean up after my dog.
  4. I understand that wearing the GDW promotional material indicates that I will carry extra bags to distribute to other dog walkers if requested.
  5. At no time when wearing the GDW promotional material will I aggressively confront other dog walkers about dog fouling. I fully understand that Green Dog Walkers® is intended to be a non-confrontational and friendly campaign to change attitudes about dog fouling.
  6. I agree that Green Dog Walkers® may contact me to take part in questionnaires or surveys regarding my Green Dog Walker® experience, to help judge the success of the project.