South Dublin County Council

Collection of Leaves

05th October 2017

The following is an outline of arrangements now put in place to manage the varying requests for the collection of leaves:

  • Community Clean-ups – request for leaf collection - Where a request is received from a resident’s group for collection of bagged leaves from a pre-arranged community clean up, this request will be processed through the Social Credits Scheme. and the service as requested will be provided if the social credits application is approved.

Email as follows: subject line: social credits/leaves / community clean-ups    or by telephoning 01 414 9000

  • Community Clean-up – request for hessian bags for composting - Resident’s groups may also request hessian bags (recycled coffee bags) through the Social Credits Scheme to create their own leaf mould, which is great for gardeners and the environment. This highly beneficial compost can be used in your garden, vegetable plots, container plants, community planting areas or community gardens. l

Email as follows:  subject line: social credits / leaves/hessian bags   or by telephoning 01 414 9000

  • One off sweeps / non routine request for leaf collection  Where any individual wishes to request leaf sweeping or has gathered and bagged leaves from the public footpath or roadway, the Council will endeavour to arrange collection of these bagged leaves in conjunction with the seasonal leaf sweeping operation. 

Email as follows: subject line:  leaves / request for collection     or by telephoning 01 414 9000