South Dublin County Council

Climate Change

Climate Change presents one of the greatest global threats to our generation and future generations. South Dublin County Council is committed to meeting this challenge by providing local solutions to global problems. The Climate Change Strategy for South Dublin County draws together and builds upon existing environmental polices creating a single vision to tackle Climate Change. Climate Change cannot be addressed by means of developing a single solution in a single area; a holistic approach is required and this ethos is at the heart of South Dublin County’s Climate Change strategy. By identifying activities that contribute to green house gas emissions, setting targets and providing solutions to reduce those emissions a sustainable way forward can be achieved. This path to sustainability both encourages the County to continue to develop its goal of a strong local economy and environmental integrity, and in addition safe guards the ability of future generations to continue to develop and meet their social, economic and environmental needs. South Dublin County Council has embarked on a project with Sustainable Energy Ireland – SEI - to address all of the issues around sustainability. As a Local Authority, we strive to ensure that the legacy we pass on will be a County of contrasts that continues to be sustainable, connected and energized. I would like to thank the Mayor and the Elected Members as well as the Strategic Policy Committee Members for their support in developing the Strategy and I look forward to working regionally with Codema to ensure a sustainable Dublin over the years to come.

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